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Withers Street History Series – The Letter H

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Why does your street have the name it has? Are you curious about the history behind your street name?

The street names for this week is the letter H

HALLO WY WITHERS:  William Clement Hallo, a rail clerk at Bunbury Rail Depot. See pg.78.(Also Ref:File6140/1926v2pg48  

HESTER PL WITHERS: EARLEY SETTLER AT AUSTRALIND -172FIRST APP 1436/69 13069Possibly named after Edward Godfrey Hester, arriving with his parents on the “LOTUS” in 1829,who became a police constable in Bunbury in 1848.Then a store keeper and timber merchant from 1853-1863 before he moved to Bridgetown(Ref:File6140/1926v2pg47).  

HEWISON ST WITHERS: Robert Hewison who was a stationmaster at Bunbury Rail Depot  

HOOPER PL WITHERS: PIONEER OF OLD AUSTRALIND SETTLEMENT-172FIRST APP 1436/69 130569Possibly named after Robert and William Hooper who arrived at Australind on the “PARKFIELD” in 1841 and settled in the Bunbury area.

HUDSON RD WITHERS: Possibly named after Marion Hopton Hudson, the first woman councillor, who served from1948 to1952.(Ref:File6140/1926v2pg46).

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